My Decade Old Budds


A decade has passed,

And finally we all meet,

Social media, thanks for the gift.

Your knocks at my social page brought back memories of the past,

Glorious those were, although longer they did not last.

Maharshi, Raktim, Neha, Abhishek– how many names do I take?

Each one of you are special, but separation was part of my fate.

The catch ups are interesting and divine,

I can write a story describing those times.

Maharshi- Mad Potato, he searched me over all media over the years,

Failing to find, he finally caught a glimpse on Google Plus.

A message and we instantly connected,

Damn! I missed you potato, we stayed so close but couldn’t meet.

Raktim, Neha, Abhishek are gifts from facebook,

One a dancing partner (Neha), one a doctor and expression king (Abhishek),

Raktim– I loved that one liner that you uttered on the phone ring,

Mum scolded me for you scored so much marks,

Trust me, I wanted to see that expression on your face and smirk!

Memories now seem to have opened and flooded my gates,

Remember every nook and corner of that state,

After all, I was born there.

Sometimes, I wish so hard to shed a tear,

I can’t, they are locked somewhere, may be out of fear.

You all do wonders in life is my only prayer,

Hope we never be apart in this life whatsoever!

Hope we never be apart again in this life whatsoever!




A small Shradhanjali to the lost souls, May Almighty grant strength to their families in this hour. Abhijit and Nilotpal- rest in peace, brothers!


Humanity is just an illusion these days,

No wonder, it no longer exists in the human race.

Abhijit and Nilotpal– we have failed you as humans,

Your pleas for mercy went unheard,

For no reason, you were slaughtered.

It was your own state and still you were unsafe,

There was no reason to imagine that your life could be at stake.

Judiciaries, officials would speak high,

We know, justice won’t come easily, Sigh!

There is nothing that can relief the broken families,

A father lost his support and mother- her lap would be vacant for an eternity.

Protests, marches, demands- there would be many.

After a while, all would be forgotten, and days would be sunny.

The tears and the sobs of the families would subside,

After all, the zeal to go on after losing their babies would die.

Brothers, you were not at fault,

You were just nature lovers, whose life, these retards put to a halt.

We pray for your souls to be in peace,

Your sudden demise have left us all bereaved.

Our festivities and joy will never be the same,

Every now and then we would travel by the memory lane.

A land which was left unexplored,

I urge all to let it be the same,

You had been acclaimed as a jungle,

Congratulations! Retards justified the name.

We no longer look forward to visitors in this state,

Why? Because we cannot afford letting a mother die every day a thousand death.

Politicians, please do not do the mockery on their death,

If you cannot provide them justice, leave them at their fate.

Press meets and interviews would just increase their pain,

It is difficult to express the horrendous incident every second time.

While all we want is justice and peace to prevail,

The fact is that these families will no longer be the same,

We are ashamed to a part of this human race,

Where compassion and sane thoughts cease to exist.

While we await for justice to stride,

RIP HUMANITY!! Until the next tide!


Dear Drug- Goodbye


I was 15, when we first met,

I was swoon away by your magic,

Was too young to realize,

That the end could be so tragic.

You flew me to a world devoid of pain,

Numb were my senses and I felt I was at gain.

Your charm did work for a while,

But eventually, made me fragile.

You turned out to be my dearest,

While family and friends moved apart just like the rest.

Each day, I engrossed more into you,

Not knowing, I am doomed because of you.

Every second hour I woke,

Only to be united with you,

Desperate for your love,

And just to be with you.

When I realised that you are evil,

Frantic desperate shrills couldn’t toss the table.

I didn’t want but had to accept my fate,

With the notion that now it is too late.

When parents could no longer see my state,

They decided to help us separate,

Rehab was the only option,

To help treat this concussion.

Locked in a cell, I spent time,

Body stiff when the urge arise.

Failed tries to escape my plight,

Made me live in constant fright.

Broken, bruised and fragile I lie,

Wondering if I would ever fly?

Too dependent on you, you were the ultimate power,

Loving you, now here I lie as a rotting flower.

While I see my mother cry,

A ray of hope in me sparks alive.

I will let you go off and embrace new wings to fly,

While it will be difficult, I promise I would stride high.

I would battle this demon in me,

If this kills me, I would choose to die.

Would no longer be a slave to your illusion,

I will breathe my life once more,

Because I am destined to fly!



Merciless Nature


Today at sunrise,

Was seated at the balcony with cold coffee and a newspaper just like one who is wise.

The headlines read-

“Birds fall from the skies in the capital.”

Ignoring it, I flipped over the page and scanned the rest of the paper,

While I sipped on the chilled coffee,

The headline somehow seemed to have not left my mind.

How can birds just fall?

Mass suicide is not a common phenomenon here after all.

And alien invasion is of course out of the question.

Which I once ignored, now I had to read,

I needed to know what was in it.

So the story said-

Heat levels had crossed its limits,

The scorching heat was something birds could not resist.

Unsure if they lost senses above,

Or was it whether their wings were on fire?

The natural cycle is shaken,

It is indeed a matter to be seriously taken.

Pollution, deforestation and what else,

We have killed nature for our luxury above else.

Ashamed- no, that we cannot be.

We don’t even realise that all this is because of ‘Wise We’.

Today birds are dying and sea levels rising,

We still are busy with our own flings.

It is high time we put a check to this,

Stop being naïve and work to control the crisis.

I wouldn’t want to imagine a world where temperature is in hundreds’,

Water scarce and nature merciless.

While I vow to put in all I can to make a change,

I urge others to do the same,

Let’s curb pollution and make the world worth living in,

Let’s all give nature the due respect it has been lacking!




My Silence Needs Noise


I’ve always wanted a vibrant world,

Noise in the air and chirping forces,

Works like adrenaline sources.

Not that there isn’t noise,

Not that there isn’t joys.

I may have turned opaque,

From the slumber, I need to wake.

The silence is deafening,

The absence of noise- saddening.

I want to get over this tremor,

Embrace some noise and feel like never before.

While the strugle is still on,

I wonder, how long, before I just give up and move on?

Not that I can’t fight,

But the zeal seems to have just minimized.

While the silence engulf me all the more,

A whisper escapes from the core,

Fight and let go off the walls,

For noise awaits on the edge to rescue you from this pitfall,

For noise awaits to rescue you from the pitfall!



The Housewife


A bunch of his friends came home today to see his bride,

Enthusiastically, they asked, how is it to be a housewife?

Before she could utter a word,

Her husband smirked,

Easy as hell,

After all, they only sit and enjoy the luxury very well.

Just some food to cook, some utensils to clean,

What else they ever do beyond these regular scenes?

Shopping all the while and wasting our resources,

Housewives behold this trait, good for nothing, he abuses.

Helpless she just faked a smile,

Left the room in disgust for that while.

She mastered the courage to finally speak,

And let him know what she believes.

He just shooed her off with a dismissal,

Slapped her across the face snarling betrayal.

Dejected and broken, she decided to leave the home,

Leaving the family once and for all.

While she left, she scribbled a note-

I cook, I clean, I scrub, and I rub,

No, I am not your maid, I do it out of love.

I care for your parents, relatives and nurture your kids,

No, I am not a machine, I do it for the family.

I fulfil your wishes, your desires day and night,

No, I am not your slave, but your wife.

I shop for the family and not for me,

Did you even bother once to care for me?

I am a graduate, I can earn,

I never needed your resources in this long run.

I can step out of the house and handle the pressures,

It was my choice to stay back and give you the home you desired.

My dear husband, while I move out of this house with my kids tonight,

I would always take pride to let the world know that I am a housewife,

Yes, I am a housewife!



The Corrupted Powers


She wanted her child to see a country where her head is held high,

She wanted her to grow fearless, carefree and touch the sky.

While all you want can never be gained,

I would rather suggest to forget it as a bad dream.

No, do not take it as a demotivation,

This is reality and the current situation.

People today have stooped so low,

Acts are heinous and in flow.

Rapes, murders, extortions seem like a trend,

Goons here are in power and the upper hand.

Leaders play politics on dead bodies,

Mob lynching and riots are common to everybody.

While they celebrate wins in the polls,

Voices subside at the rise of death tolls.

Collapsing bridges hither and thither,

They name it as act of God thereafter.

Lacs of money announced for a deceased one’s family does not make a change,

For they need to go in loops to acquire it, which is very strange.

Give up the show and be the real you,

Take the charge and transform the system as it is expected from you.

While you fooled us since eternity,

It isn’t long when the public would uproot your entire fraternity.

Clean off the lust from your soul,

Perform some act so that we can follow trail to help achieve that goal.

This is an urge from a fellow citizen,

Be a human and let go off the inner demons!