My Decade Old Budds


A decade has passed,

And finally we all meet,

Social media, thanks for the gift.

Your knocks at my social page brought back memories of the past,

Glorious those were, although longer they did not last.

Maharshi, Raktim, Neha, Abhishek– how many names do I take?

Each one of you are special, but separation was part of my fate.

The catch ups are interesting and divine,

I can write a story describing those times.

Maharshi- Mad Potato, he searched me over all media over the years,

Failing to find, he finally caught a glimpse on Google Plus.

A message and we instantly connected,

Damn! I missed you potato, we stayed so close but couldn’t meet.

Raktim, Neha, Abhishek are gifts from facebook,

One a dancing partner (Neha), one a doctor and expression king (Abhishek),

Raktim– I loved that one liner that you uttered on the phone ring,

Mum scolded me for you scored so much marks,

Trust me, I wanted to see that expression on your face and smirk!

Memories now seem to have opened and flooded my gates,

Remember every nook and corner of that state,

After all, I was born there.

Sometimes, I wish so hard to shed a tear,

I can’t, they are locked somewhere, may be out of fear.

You all do wonders in life is my only prayer,

Hope we never be apart in this life whatsoever!

Hope we never be apart again in this life whatsoever!



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